30 April 2010

New Website: By Study And Faith

I have decided that it is time to move from Blogspot and to my own server and domain. My new gospel blog site is: http://bystudyandfaith.net (note the .net and not a .com)

I will no longer be posting updates on this blog but it will remain online. All posts are on the new site. I will update the feed via Feedburner so it should transfer over for you fine for those of you who subscribe to my feed. Everyone else, please update bookmarks and whatever else you need to update. I know it is a bit of an inconvenience for you but it was time to have my own domain. From this time forth, my gospel blog will no longer be A House of Prayer; rather it will be By Study and Faith. Same content, same goals, same everything else except for a new name, a new design (it might change; I'm trying out a few templates), and a new name [there's a gospel lesson in this but I won't go into it at the moment].

Again, please visit my new blog and begin reading over there. Let me know if you have any problems with my new site.


Seth Adam Smith said...

Great website!

Jared said...

Thanks Seth! I always appreciate your online efforts, especially all the great videos you create and share with the world.

Robert said...


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Rev. Robert Wright


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